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Hatsan 125 Sniper 6.35mm 10J Vortex


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Product description

Hatsan's successful model in Sniper variant. 125 Sniper is based on Hatsan's magnum platform with a large cylinder and breaking barrel. A stable and powerfully designed air gun with i.a. Hatsan's new trigger system, Quattro trigger. 125 Sniper has a newly developed synthetic stock with rubber insert and adjustable stock comb. The model also has a permanently mounted pipe shroud that reduces vibrations and provides quiet shooting. Comes with carrying strap and bipod.

This is the Hatsan 125 with their Vortex gas piston. NOTE that we have a very competitive price on this product, many competitors sell the weapon without the Vortex for similar to our price. The gas piston provides better shooting characteristics compared to a normal spring;
-Significantly much easier to mount in the weapon than a traditional spring
-Less vibrations and a power source that does not create twisting forces, this provides better precision in the weapon
-A more distinct feeling and shorter time from firing to the bullet leaving the barrel (locking-time)
-Better effect. A gas spring has a better lifespan and keeps the muzzle velocity constant for a longer time.
-A gas spring can be kept tensioned for a longer time without losing power.

The piston can be easily adjusted up in pressure through a diving tube or PCP pump (adapter not included), however, the weapon becomes licensed at increased muzzle velocity! To adjust the pressure, you do not need to dismantle the mechanism, it is enough to detach the stock, there you can pump the piston without further disassembly. You can also otherwise exchange the entire piston for a "full-speed" one if you don't have a pump etc.

Shock Absorber System - SAS
An innovation that absorbs vibrations and recoil from powerful springs. The SAS system reduces stress on the optics and increases the life of the weapon.

Quattro Trigger
A sophisticated trigger with a distinctive firing cycle. The QT has a "true" two-stage system, the first stage of which reduces the hitch, thus reducing drag and increasing safety. The hardness of the pressure is not significantly affected if the weapon has a more powerful spring (licensed version).
Note, sight is not included which is mounted in the picture.

Muzzle velocity: 127 m/s.
Impact energy: 10J
Length: approx. 124 cm.
Caliber: 6.35 mm.
Weight: approx. 4100 grams.
Mechanism: Break barrel.
Rifled barrel.
Dovetail: 9-11 mm.
Minimum age of 18 year for purchasing air guns
We only sell air guns, airsoft, air rifles and other air powered weapons to customers 18 years or older. Please note that your country could have additional limitations on airguns, please check this before purchasing.
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Norge: Hatsan 125 Sniper 6,35mm 10J Vortex Sverige: Hatsan 125 Sniper 6.35mm 10J Vortex

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