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ASG Arsenal AR-M7T


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Product description

Complete set including battery, battery charger and the weapon itself. Just charge the battery, fill up on BBs and go. Classic AK with a modern touch with, among other things, rails, M4-stock and more.

  • Excellent beginner weapon
  • Complete kit, start playing right away
  • Powerful with 125 m/s
  • Built-in MOSFET

More about ASG Arsenal AR-M7T:
Tactical AK with 21mm rail on front handle. Removable folding front grip underneath. Made of plastic but with metal details such as barrel and more.
Standard ver 3 parts in the gearbox so it is easy to upgrade if you feel like it.
Adjustable between auto, semi and safe.
The weapon has a built-in mosfet which gives a faster trigger and less wear on electronic parts.

Muzzle velocity 0.20 g: about 125 m/s
Impact energy: 1.6 J
Adjustable hop-up: Yes
Recommended BB weight: 0.25-0.28 grams
Magazine capacity: A magazine of approx. 450 BBs is included
Weight: 2,445 g
Length: 925 mm
Inner barrel length: 455 mm
Barrel thread: -
Rails: Standard 21 mm
Battery type and location: stick type under the cylinder head
Recommended battery strength: 7.4 V LiPO or 8.4 V NiMh (NiMh included)
Battery connector: Small tamiya
Electrical wiring: Info to come
Gearbox type: V3
Motor, length of shaft: Short
Fire options: Safe/Semi/Full auto

The barrel has a 14mm CCW thread that fits the vast majority of airsoft silencers. Check out our silencers and add one for a pretty brutal look.

Exchanging the included NiMh battery for a LiPo gives higher rate of fire (ROF) and better response, suitable LiPo voltage is 7.4V, mAh about 1000-1600 (higher is also possible). Consider buying LiPo charger if you want to use LiPo battery.
NOTE! With the included NIMH battery, it is tight to fit, but it can be done if you are careful. However, Li-Po batteries are smaller in size despite better power, so it fits without problems. See picture

Otherwise, the gearbox is V3 with standard parts that can be upgraded at will.

Minimum age of 18 year for purchasing air guns
We only sell air guns, airsoft, air rifles and other air powered weapons to customers 18 years or older. Please note that your country could have additional limitations on airguns, please check this before purchasing.
This product can also be found on our other international sites:
Norge: ASG Arsenal AR-M7T Sverige: ASG Arsenal AR-M7T

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