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Ak Rear Sight Rail


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Product description

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Mounted on the rear sight so you get a rail for your AK.

Very popular accessory as many AK models have no rail at all.
Made of aluminum. Length 100 mm.
Keep in mind that different AK manufacturers may have slightly different designs so study the pictures carefully so it looks like it fits. The pictures show CYMA guns and an Izmash AK74.

Installation is very simple, but to get it right the first time, you can follow the instructions below.
Installation instructions:
1) Remove the sight rail on the rear sight. On airsoft, you push down the sight rail with hand power while pulling it back. On sharp AK and similar models, you need to knock out the sight with a screwdriver or similar because the springn is too strong.
2) If the blade#%# under the sight is strong, you should remove it before mounting the rail. You do this by pulling the blade#%# back.
3) Put the rial in place and screw in the long transverse screw loosely. The rail should be able to move.
4) Tighten the two front locking screws until the rail is straight in all directions. Check that you screw it in evenly, otherwise the rail may tilt to the side.
5) Tighten the rear stop screw, check that the rail is still straight. If necessary, you can tighten the front locking screws a bit again.
6) Tighten the transverse screw and fasten the nut. Tighten them to fit, but make sure the rail is straight.
7) use lock-tite or similar thread lock to keep the screws from unscrewing.
This product can also be found on our other international sites:
Norge: Ak Baksikte Rail Sverige: Ak Rear Sight Rail

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