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Boot leather Swedish Defense Forces


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Product description

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Swedish old marching boot in leather. Unused or slightly used. However, they are manufactured anywhere from the 40s to the 80s so they may be dusty, have normal storage wear and the like. So keep in mind that these may have been in storage for half a century so they require refurbishing and they may have scratched each other, etc. as they are not in school boxes at the defense.
Appearance may vary slightly, e.g. has some leather reinforcements over the toe, leather sole, etc., delivered unsorted.
Possibly a more formal boot that was used during, among other things, the high guard
Top quality, thick fine leather with strong stitches and craftsmanship.
We recommend that you lubricate them properly before using them and continue to lubricate them regularly to care for the leather, make them mold to your feet and continue to be functional and comfortable for many years to come.

Supplied unsorted between rubber or leather sole.
These are original vintage items that can be hard to come by, we buy the unsorted according to condition, model, color and size so watch out when your size is available we cannot guarantee that it will fit in again.
The sizes are approx. 15mm larger than the label, probably to accommodate large socks.
Usual mm size, where for example 265mm corresponds to 41.

Some have leather shoelaces, others have regular ones.
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Norge: Støvelskinn svensk Forsvaret Sverige: Känga läder Svenska Försvaret

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