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Mil-Tec Bergschuhe Waterproof


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Product description

Sturdy boots in leather with a waterproof membrane and Cambrelle lining.
Despite their low price, these have a membrane lining (Dintex®) that keeps the boot waterproof while allowing it to breathe. The boot is also lined with Thinsulate™.

The boot is modeled after the German army's Bergstiefel.

The cow leather is cut and sewn so that the shoe can follow the movements of the foot. The sole has built-in cushioning and the insole is anatomically shaped and made of POLIYOU®.

These are well suited for all outdoor activities that require sturdy and durable boots.
Remember not to use ordinary leather grease on it because it can clog the pores of the inner membrane, use only special leather care intended for membrane boots (applies to all boots with membranes such as Gore-Tex).

User review by us at Röda Stjärnan:
Written by Fredrik: After using Haix bergstiefel for many years it was time to buy new ones, the model I wanted was the same but I chose now these from Mil-Tec instead for significantly less than half the price. Now after a month or so I am very satisfied. As I said, I'm already very happy with the boot type and I don't notice any direct differences between these and the more expensive Haix. They are waterproof, have gone through various swamps and slush. The only time I got wet was when I had to wade out and help up a dog that had gone through the ice. The grip is good but maybe not quite as good as Haix, Haix are extreme.
They also have good lacing options and you can make the "front" either very tight or less tight, perfect for me who has thick insoles or if you want many or few socks on. In conclusion, I am very satisfied, and a membrane boot for this price at this quality is a bargain.
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Norge: Mil-Tec Bergschuhe vanntett Sverige: Mil-Tec Bergschuhe Vattentät

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