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FireBall Flint and striker Grand


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Product description

Updated design with ferro rod and striker so they can be attached to each other, so you don't have cords that always get in the way when lighting. They have also managed to fit in a small button compass. ATTENTION! The scraper is made of magnetic steel, so remove the scraper when you use the compass.

With the fire steel you don't have to worry about it getting wet, but you can, unlike with matches, light a fire. A must for people in nature or as an emergency reserve in the car or similar.

Lasts basically as long as you like. Use a knife or other steel object (such as the included metal sheet) to get sparks.

Some clever rascal has designed the scraper sheet to work great. You hold the red plastic part in your hand and your thumb against the ring. Then you drag the tin along the fire steel and you get a little extra "fjong" from the plastic handle and there will be an unusual amount of sparks.

Length 11 cm. Weight 50 grams. From the British company BCB who supply a lot of equipment to the British Defense Forces.

Fire steel comes with a thin layer of dark protective varnish around the fire steel. This is scraped off with the first moves as you try to make sparks.

The fire steel can withstand long storage, but if they are damp for a long time, the fire steel can corrode and leave a white powder. If you are going to store the fire steel for a longer time, make it dry.
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Norge: FireBall Tennstål Grand Sverige: FireBall Tändstål Grand

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