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Kupilka FireSteel 8 Black


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Product description

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Kupilka FireSteel 8 is an ignition steel that creates hot sparks up to 3000 degrees. Even if FireSteel 8 gets wet, it will never stop working. This makes it perfect for starting any kind of fire. This product refers to firesteel with a black handle, in some pictures a different color is visible.

The associated "striker", i.e. the piece of metal that you pull on the ignition steel, is a residual product from the metal industry. This in combination with the fact that the leather cord (pure leather) is ethically produced and that the handle is made of Careline (50% wood fiber and 50% plastic) makes the whole thing a very humane product. Thanks to the solid handle, you can easily grip the FireSteel 8 with gloves on. This important tool is a necessity for all outdoor enthusiasts!

The thickness of the lighter steel is 8 mm, which gives it the name FireSteel 8. The lighter steel stick itself is the most important part of a good lighter steel. This is created to be hard enough to last but soft enough to be easy to use and produce great sparks. This provides maximum function over time.

The design is a partnership between Kupilka and Karu Survival (a leading company specializing in training bush craft and survival skills).

Made in Finland, the matchstick comes from a EU country. The striker is a residual product from the metal industry.

Total length 124mm
Dimensions of the lighter steel stick are 8mm x 65mm
Weight 47g (including striker and leather cord)
This product can also be found on our other international sites:
Norge: Kupilka FireSteel 8 Sort Sverige: Kupilka FireSteel 8 Svart

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