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Emergency radio Rödberget


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Product description

This crank radio is very affordable and contains all the functions the average user needs. Solar charger for self and accessories via USB. Perfect for those who want a radio/flashlight in the home if the power goes out. This radio has all the features you want; flashlight, FM radio, power bank, USB socket and charging via USB, solar cell or dynamo.

FM radio with battery/dynamo is recommended by the Swedish emergency agency in emergencies and is a product that should be in every household to able to receive VMA (Important Notice to the Public) even if the power were to go out.

Nöðradio Rödberget is a radio on the FM band 87 - 108 Mhz where all Swedish radio channels broadcast. The radio has a fold-up antenna for better reception. You easily switch between channels with buttons that jump forward or backward among the channels that can be heard. With a fully charged battery/power bank, you can listen to the radio for about 5 hours.

The radio has a 1W/60 lm flashlight that provides a low-power, fully sufficient light. With a fully charged power bank, it can shine for a full 15 hours.

Built into the radio is a Li-ion power bank that is used to power electronics and provide power to the USB socket. The power bank is 2000 mAh (3.7V). This is a fairly high capacity, but keep in mind that modern mobile phones consume power and 2000 mAh is enough to charge a modern smartphone to about 60%.

To fully charge the power bank, from discharged, you can do the following;
Charge via solar cell for approx. 60-70 hours.
Charge via crank/dynamo for approx. 2.5 hours. (in practice not so easy, dynamo is mainly used for maintenance charging).
Charge via Micro-USB for about 6 hours.

Should the battery run out, you can crank. After a minute of shaking, you can do the following;
Keep the lamp on for about 15-20 minutes.
Listen to the radio for about 5-10 minutes.
Charge a phone for about 3-5 minutes of talk.

Weight approx. 220 g.
This product can also be found on our other international sites:
Norge: Nødradio Rödberget Sverige: Nödradio Rödberget

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