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Ultrair Power Gas 570ml


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Product description

Green gas. 570/750ml (750ml is the volume of the bottle) with a pressure of 140 psi.
Perfect for gas guns and the like, also works great for grenades. The standard gas that is both affordable and with good effect.
Contains silicone for lubricating the weapon.
Remember to hold the bottle upside down when filling. The filling valves are specially designed and crafted in aluminum, giving a strong filling valve that does not break or buckle when used. The filling valve very rarely leaks when used to fill Airsoft guns, this ensures a very low waste of gas.

Increased gas pressure means increased wear. some guns are optimized for a certain gas pressure, it is not certain that you will get a better function just because you use a higher pressure.
PSI at 21.5° PSI at 4.6°
101Inc 100 68
Ultrair 140 93
SRC 168

This item can not be shipped outside of EU, to Iceland or Norway as it's pressurized and/or flammable.
This product can also be found on our other international sites:
Norge: Ultrair Power Gas 570ml Sverige: Ultrair Power Gas 570ml

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