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Madbull Ultimate Tight Bore Black Python 6.03 mm


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208mm EVO

Price: €33.8

In our stock, 2 left

SKU 13664


Price: €37.3

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SKU 15062


Price: €37.3

In our stock, 5 left

SKU 19713


Price: €37.3

In our stock, 4 left

SKU 16814


Price: €37.3

In our stock, 2 left

SKU 15598


Price: €40.8

In our stock, 1 left

SKU 19714

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Product description

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Highest quality from Madull. Specially treated inside for reduced friction and increased durability. All are for AEG.

Prices vary for different lengths, see drop-down menu below.

A precision barrel with a slightly smaller inner diameter than the standard barrels. The tighter barrel prevents the bullet from wobbling against the edges of the barrel when it is fired, this gives a more stable bullet trajectory and increases accuracy. The smaller diameter of the precision barrel also prevents the air from being forced past the bullet, thus also increasing the muzzle velocity of the bullet.

A classic trim to improve your airsoft, easy to mount and gives a direct and clear result. A precision barrel increases muzzle velocity without increasing wear on internal parts.

The disadvantage of prec barrels is that the demands on the BBs increase, you have to use higher quality BBs, otherwise they can get stuck in the barrel. You can find the BBs we recommend here in our bullet guide.

Always double check the length of your barrel so you buy the right one. Slightly different manufacturers may have different lengths for each model. The model designation (M4, AK47, PSG1, etc.) is only an example.

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