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Fast Carb Helmet Green


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Product description

Stable helmet made of ABS plastic. It has a sturdy chinstrap that is padded at the chin for optimal comfort. The helmet is adjustable in the neck and therefore fits most people without problems.
Inside the helmet there are four cushions that can be moved around or removed completely, two extra cushions that can be attached inside the sides of the helmet are included.
The fact that the helmet is adjustable and that the cushions can be removed means that the helmet fits people with a size of approx. 56-59 cm in head circumference.

It is equipped with a rail system for versatile attachment of NVG, lights, cameras, etc.
Along the sides of the helmet there are strong elastic straps that can be attached to the front of the helmet. These are to minimize possible vibrations and the like that can occur when using NVG and are easily attached to the equipment. They also work as a lanyard so that you don't lose your NVG if you get stuck with it somewhere and the rail attachment loosens.
The helmet has Velcro in the middle and at the back for attachment of e.g. patches or V-Lite.

The appearance of the helmet is similar to Ops-core's FAST Carbon helmets, this and similar types are seen e.g. in the movie "Zero Dark Thirty" as well as the games "Medal of Honor Warfighter" and "Ghost Recon: Future Soldier". However, please note that this helmet we sell is for airsoft, collection, display or film and has no level of protection.

Only intended for airsoft, film shooting and the like.

Please note that in the picture inside as well as the on the rail adapters, they are taken from the helmet color tan. Don't forget to buy a helmet dock, an example of what it looks like can be seen in the last picture.

Click here to learn how to paint a tough Snakeskin camo!
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