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24h Meal MRE Meatballs with pasta


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Product description

Perfect food for your adventure; hiking, shooting, hunting or military.
No water needs to be added to the dish and it is cooked and eaten directly in the bag.

To heat the bag, you can either buy a separate heating bag or heat it in a water bath or in a regular saucepan. With the heating bag, you don't have to use an open flame, which can be an advantage in e.g. hunting tower, in the boat, in case of fire, etc. Can also be eaten unheated.

The food is packaged in soft preserves (MRE), a durable bag in a strong plastic laminate with a long shelf life. These soft bags are considered to be significantly tastier than freeze-dried food, albeit heavier.

The dishes are produced by 24 Hour Meals together with the Swedish armed forces, which ensures that the defense's needs for energy / nutritional content and durability are met.

The weight is about 400 grams per portion, so even if the soft preserve is very easy to carry around, it is not as light as freeze-dried food.

Ingredients: Pasta 33% (water, wheat semolina) parsley, garlic, pepper, nutmeg), tomato concentrate, carrot 7%, sunflower oil, wheat flour, salt, onion, garlic, pepper and thickener: xanthan gum .
Expiration/best before date: 2026-06-01
This product can also be found on our other international sites:
Norge: 24H Meal Kjøttboller med pasta Sverige: 24h Meal Köttbullar med pasta

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