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Winnerwell Nomad View Small tent stove Package


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Product description

Nomad View 1G S-sized Cook Camping Stove Package consists of Winnerwell Nomad View 1G S Camping Stove (42296), Fireproof Mat 31.5'' x 38.5'' (43911), S-sized Carrying Bag (43905), S-sized Water Tank ( 42295).

Winnerwell's tent stoves are made of stainless steel whose quality is hard to beat.
Precision manufactured from 304 stainless steel, extremely robust and resists rust and corrosion exemplary. The stove is really beautifully made, nice proper weldings and hatches, knobs and similar details are beautifully made and designed so that they should be cool even during use.

The stoves are perfect for tents, teepees, wind shelters or as free-standing cooking stoves or as a pure cozy effect.
In addition to glass on the front door, Nomad View also has one long side covered with glass. This makes the stove very cozy.

2.1" pipe pipe and Winnerwell also has suitable pipe angles and extensions. Gives very good heat.
The whole stove can be assembled so that it takes up little space and can carried around. The pipe is assembled in parts and all stored inside the stove. The legs are foldable (and very strong) and folded under the stove.
In the stove there is a grid which is very handy as the wood comes up from the bottom and lets the air flow more efficiently. The net can also be used for cooking with embers underneath. At the front of the main door you have a damper with which you regulate the draft depending on the amount of wood and whether it is lighting or just embers. The smoke pipe is also equipped with dampers.
On the sides are the drying rack which can be folded towards the middle and you can then carry the stove in them. They can also be used as a support if you are preparing larger dishes/plates.

When assembling the stove, no tools are needed.
The pipe is supplied with rain hat/spark protection in which there are three hooks into which you can attach steel wire to stabilize the pipe, convenient if the stove is on an uneven surface or if you want to "steer" the pipe a little in some direction.

On the stove there is a plate which you can lift it away to be able to grill or heat over an open fire, otherwise the entire upper surface also functions as a hob. You can easily lift the plate away with the ash rake.

The mat that is included is a protective surface for your stove that protects the ground against heat and sparks.
Made of silicone-coated fiberglass.
The water tank is mounted on top of the stove/ on the smoke pipe. Effectively heats water for washing, dishes, cooking, etc.

Measurements of the stove itself excluding accessories: 320(L) x 164(W) x 150(H) mm.
Dimensions assembled: 377(L ) x 459(W) x 1825(H) mm.
Smoke pipe diameter: 53mm / 2.1 inch.
Weight stove approx. 6.4 kg.
Fuel: Dry wood.

This product is intended only for outdoor use or in a heat resistant tent or similar space with sufficient ventilation. Not for domestic use.

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