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Carinthia XP Two Plus


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Product description

Carinthia's bivy bags are flexible, compact shelters that can be used instead of larger tents. Made of Gore-Tex® three-layer laminate fabric that is waterproof and allows moisture and carbon dioxide to breathe out through the sack. Through this material it is thus possible to have the bivy bag completely closed without suffocation.

XP-Two Plus has a tent pole bent over the main part and the space created there provides increased comfort and also a space to have packing for protection or easy access. Mosquito net over the face opening, can be rolled away and fastened with loops.
The L-shaped opening can be closed with two zippers. Specially made storm flap over the zipper that allows the bivy to remain waterproof.
Five fasteners on the back to be able to hold a sleeping mat in place. Also several fastening loops if you want to fasten the bivy to the ground to be sure that everything is secured. The advantage is that you can then have the sleeping pad under the bivy and also protect it, without risking that you roll off the sleeping pad during the night.
Weight: 1250 grams.
Length: 250 cm
Inside measurement at shoulders: 104 cm
Inner dimensions foot end: 76 cm
Packaged approx. 35 x 10 cm.
Material specification:
Outer Shell (TOP)
·Face: 100% Polyamide 6.6
·Functional Layer: GORE Bi- Component-Membrane based on ePTFE
·Backing: 100% Polyamide 6.6
·Water Column: ≥10,000 mm
·Water Vapor Permeability Ret [m² Pa/W]: ≤5
Outer Shell (BOTTOM )
·Face: 100% Polyamide 6.6
·Functional Layer: GORE Bi-Component-Membrane based on ePTFE
·Backing: 100% Polyamide 6.6
·Water Column: ≥10,000 mm
·Water Vapor Permeability Ret [m² Pa/W]: ≤5
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