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Inner tent for lavvu one man


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Product description

Inner tent specially developed for our lavvu lightweight tents, but can also be used with tarps or other tents. It is rectangular in shape at the bottom and perfect for sleeping mats. The upper side then ends a bit like half a pyramid so you get a straight wall against the lavvucenter and the stove while the inner tent does not come too close to the outer walls.

The inner tent has openings on both sides and can be assembled in different ways in relation to the outer tent. The opening to the outside is conveniently mounted against one of the lavvun's doors, the inner door then ends up in a perfect position next to the tent pole so that you can even feed the stove while sitting in the inner tent. The opening towards the front doors leaves a few decimetres of floor space which is perfect for leaving your boots on when you enter the tent.
The inner tent can also be assembled completely separate from the doors if you want.
Setup is quick, just hook in the roof and then four pegs in the ground, it can be quickly taken down if you want to free up space in the tent during the day.

The inner tent provides excellent protection against mosquitoes and insects, makes it easier to keep track of your stuff and protects against condensation and moisture from the ground.

Loop in the upper part that is adapted to Lavvun's hook in the roof . If you hang it freely together with a tarp or similar, the suitable minimum height for the suspension line is approx. 140 cm. Lower, so it won't be suspended tightly.
(Regarding the stove in the picture, it is officially recommended that you attach the grommet to the 3rd pipe section or higher, we have tried attaching it to others, but we do so at our own risk.)

Dimensions approx: L215, B:90; H:130
Weight 630 grams including bag.
This product can also be found on our other international sites:
Norge: Innertelt for lavvo en mann Sverige: Innertält för lavvu enmans

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