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24h Daily ration 3R MRE Menu 3


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Product description

24H Meals 24-hour ration with dishes and accessories intended to provide all the nutrition for a day. These packages are developed together with the Swedish armed forces and are the field ration most units use. In this variant, dinner and lunch are MRE (meal ready to eat) , breakfast is freeze-dried.

To heat the MRE:s, you can either buy a separate heating bag or heat it in a water bath or in a regular saucepan. With the heating bag, you don't have to use an open flame, which can be an advantage in e.g. hunting tower, in the boat, etc. Can also be eaten unheated.

Menu is delivered in a heavy duty bag with a separate chamber for rubbish. The picture shows an example of a bag/packaging.
Breakfast: Wheat porridge with vanilla flavor 1 pc
Lunch: Chicken panang with potatoes 1 pc
Dinner: Curry sausage with potatoes 1 pc

Accessories: Manor pate , graham crackers, lemon cake, cherries in dark chocolate, energy bar, chocolate crisp, protein bar banana chocolate, egg white powder salted caramel, isotonic drink pineapple, isotonic drink blackcurrant, beef soup, freeze-dried coffee 3 pcs, chewing gum 3 pcs, wet wipe 3 pcs, spoon.
Weight ( g): 1764
Kcal: 3652
Carbohydrates (g): 424
Protein (g): 128
Fat (g): 153
NOTE! the accessories may differ slightly from time to time as these are manufactured in batches for the defense and exact contents depend on temporary stock status. Note that then the nutritional value above can also differ. As the content varies, contact us if you have questions about allergens.
Minimum allergens; gluten, lactose, milk, nuts, peanuts, eggs, soy, sulfur dioxide.
May contain traces of mustard and celery.
Expiration/best before date: 2027-01-10

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