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Tacgear Tarp M90


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Product description

Tacgear's basha/tarp is made for and has been used by German units such as KSK (Kommando-Spezial-Kräfte) and other NATO countries.
Based on requirements from KSK, the inside is black with a light-reducing color so that reflections and the fabric itself should be minimally visible.
The edges are reinforced with cordura where both eyelets and buckle loops are anchored, which provides much better durability than many other tarps.
Snap buttons are located along the long sides to fasten several tarps together.
A total of 25 attachment points;
8 large, strong metal eyelets. Two in each corner.
17 textile loops. Very durable material. One in the middle on each short side suitable for ridge line. One in each corner and then 4 on each long side (not including the corners). Three pieces that sit on the outside (one of which is in the middle) perfect for ridge line, if you draw a ridgeline you can thus attach it to a total of five attachment points.
Overall very high quality of material and work.

Measurements : 280X190 cm.
Weight approx. 700 grams.
Made of ripstop nylon.
This product can also be found on our other international sites:
Norge: Tacgear Tarp M90 Sverige: Tacgear Tarp M90

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