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Lavvu large lightweight tent 3-4 people Forest beige


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Product description

This is a significantly larger variant of our very popular lightweight lavu. Accommodates several people, about four people depending on how you sleep and whether you have a stove or not. The ceiling height is approximately 220 cm at the tent pole and, like a tent pole, it becomes a very spacious tent. In addition to several people, this teepee also accommodates a really large tent stove, stove-ready through a specially designed hatch in the roof for smoke pipes.

The tent has double entrances that can be fastened in the open position, closed with zippers. At the top there are ventilation openings with mosquito nets and these can be set up with built-in opening sticks. The opening for the pipe passage can be completely closed with the tent fabric and built-in velcro, so if you are not using the stove, you can still have the tent closed. If you use the pipe penetration, the tent fabric is rolled up above where it is also fastened.
NOTE: this article refers to a forest beige tent, some of the pictures show a green tent!

Durable aluminum tent pole. The tent cloth is reinforced at the top and a hook for hanging a lamp is sewn on. At the top, the tent has a loop that is effectively used to pull steel wire to the pipe to get it at the right angle. The tent also has brackets for mounting extra storm lines. The tent pegs are made of aluminum and in a cross shape for good rigidity. The tent takes up very little space disassembled, which is illustrated in a picture.

Note that the stove jack fabric piece is included and does not need to be purchased separately as on many other tents for stoves. This refers to the silver piece of fabric material, not the flashing kit.
You make holes in the stove jack according to the size of your smoke pipe and then it is supplemented with a so-called flashing kit. Accommodates pipes up to approx. 3.5" a little depending on how hard you fire. The stove in some pictures is Surtr. Stove not included.
Ensure that the pipe and stove are always a safe distance from combustible material and that adequate protection is installed against the tent canvas. All fires take place at your own risk and responsibility. Ensure proper ventilation.
Dimensions of it are approx. 31x24.5 cm. outside dimensions.
Dimensions inside velcro 25.7 cm x 18.8 cm .

With the possibility of a stove, this is a tent for winter use as well as summer use.

The tent is light with a weight (including nails and stick) of about 2240 grams.
Diameter approx. 400 cm.
Height approx. 220 cm.
Material: 210T Ripstop Polyester, taped seams.
Water column approx. 2500 mm. ]Weight 2.2 kg.

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