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Tarps and lightweight tents


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Product description

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Very light waterproof tarp that also works as a tent as it has extra ends. Smart function that gives you additional protection against wind. Can be used in many different ways and is suitable for most camping types such as hammock, tent, wind shelter and more.
The basis is a tarp of 3 x 3 meters with attachment points in the corners and edges. Then there are the fold-up ends that have their own attachment points. They can also be rolled up and attached rolled up. The end caps are attached at the bottom, but also have simpler Velcro fasteners. The gables are used if you use the tarp as a tent or windbreak.

Silver coated inside for extra heat reflection.

The tarp can be attached with ropes to trees, put a ridgeline and hang the tarp on it and you get a perfect "tent" over your hammock/hammock. Tent pegs and ropes are included. Please note that the tent poles we used to hold up the tarp as a tent are not included! You can use tent poles, regular sticks or hiking poles for this purpose.

Water column: 2000 mm.
Material: 100% polyester 190T Polyester, PU treated for rain protection.
Dimensions: 3x3m + ends
Weight about 750 grams including tarp, bag, sticks and rope.

Keep in mind that the ultra-light construction is not made for armored jacks to rescue tanks with it, fire, rocks and rough handling will break it the web. If you are not careful, choose a tarp that is more durable.
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Norge: Tarp og lette telt Sverige: Tarp och lättviktstält

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