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AirsoftPro Hop-up Hus M249 Gen2

479 kr

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Mycket bra hop-up-hus som tätar bättre än original och ger bättre effekt av gummit.
CNC-tillverkat av 6061- T6 aluminium.
The advantage of this chamber is the hop-up adjusting ring with numbers. These show the level of hop-up adjustment - from 1 = minimal to 10 = maximal. The selected level is indicated at the top of the chamber next to the inscription M249 HOP-UP. The levels are secured in their position by a flexible ball, which provides each turn with a click. If you don't like to be limited with only ten positions, you can replace the spring ball with a rubber ring from the package. This causes the adjusting ring become more rigid and prevents it from unwanted turning.

A significant improvement since the previous generation is the use of a U-shaped adaptor. Now it's possible to use a conventional or shaped hop-up nub. The adaptor push the Hop-Up nub horizontally, not with a perpendicular roller as in the original chamber, or in competing products.
Passar M249 från A&K, PJ, Classic Army, Echo1, Matrix (tested on original nozzles). . Kan passa andra tillverkare men inget vi kan garantera.

Medföljer gör:
Chamber with adjusting ring
Brass barrel centering ring
U-shaped Hop-Up nub adaptor
Spring and ball (for locking the ring in individual positions)
Rubber ring


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